The Barcelona circus

Barcelona is managed by an hidden mafia based upon ELF radio waves. A deep layer of control and hoax. To understand it you have to speak nobility, radio ham, hacking and networking. Very interesting but with a lot of abuses. A lot of them payed by the Catholic Church to create slaves and to fuel a corrupt and infamous nobility.

The real purposes of this hidden ELF network is to create a human guinea pigs park where great tech giants could develop IT technology using humans, a scandal. Below those targets individuals a lot of services and systems to gain money, that could be called as neural applications, utilized by nobility and big clients of that hidden mafia.

I know almost all about because I'm victim of this mafia from 2013 and I'm actively electronic tortured from November 2017. As I am, a lot of people that I've known in my life are enslaved by this hidden mafia and those frequencies that are interferences to our normal life.

And remember, almost develop! Kisses owl!

B of Barcelona

In the circus of Barcelona where it's managed the B-side market the gang stalking scene is present. The Barcelona mafia it's almost organized all in radio and in secure communications channels. Barcelona has got an occult face all streamed directly into visual and auditory cortex to people that have got access to this network. A not so little circle of target individuals and operators see the worst face of it, the others are shareholders . How can it be possible? Simple depending on the unique biometric identification of the client, a person, he'll see one environment or other. Who are the operators? Are others target individuals with good technical knowledge that have to torture and to control others victims. Normal persons that with compulsion over them families become sadist.

In reality all this circus has got different levels of interpretation. The deepest and dirtiest one is a brain washing machine that serve to input, upload and output the target individual in cycles. What does I mean? That one time that a person is inserted into this hellish circle, very similar to a Dante's representation of reality, first of all you understand that almost all your life has been machinated. And this is really very sad. Next you understand that almost all the people that you know got a "mission" that conduct you slowly or more rapidly depending on your character to only one final goal:

The destruction of the soul, heavy drug addiction and suicide. But first of all to pass to be an abused to be an abuser. Remember that suicide is a big market that moves millions in the shadow economy in the neural application of the virtual casino.

Why? Because you're a condemned. Why? Simple because you're victim of slavery, forced labor from when you're a child. Why? Because some criminals has sold you in the black market to be played like a card game in this hell. Why? For revenue purposes is the first answer. Secondly it's obviously nobility. You're a bastard or a son that doesn't complain to a pattern in your family. Thirdly you can be a special card to be played like a ram.

In reality no of this options are good because you're life is controlled. To fight against this unjust condemnation on the part of people who are now close to the end of their life as yours could be your step family or worst your real parents the only think that we, we that are target individuals in Europe, target individuals condemned by an ancient mechanism of nobility, church and role play game, have to unveil the remote neural control facility, its infrastructure, register all what we feel and see and use the laws that have been done to protect you, a citizen of a democratic Europe. All that they say in voice to skull chat are frivolities.

Never be afraid of nobility, mafia or criminals. You're a citizen and you're deeply protected by the state. That is the most important organism in Europe. If your state doesn't really help you we've got the European parliament that will crush like an insect a corrupted state.

But I live in Spain, Spain got a great administration and I trust the Spanish state.

So what is the real purpose of the "Sagrada familia" mafia, that is not because in reality it's a noble game but in front of a judge no one can affirm that mafia is a noble game. No one. Mafia is a criminal association and it's persecuted by the state police forces very strongly. There's no Mafia nowadays that could kill us. The citizens. Everything else is a small story for ignorant children. Nothing more.

One of the worst think about this hell history it's not about me. It's about two persons that I'm deeply in love with. My ex girlfriend Saray is abused from when she was a child in this network for ignorance. A cultivated ignorance. My very good friend Massimo also is abused in this network but in another manner. And they have got babies. So I will fight in front of the state for them.

Saray and Massimo are pawns) in this brain wash machine. And I want to take them out from this shit. And I'll do it.

Massimo and Saray are for me like brothers, shit she is wonderful.

And in this neural hell you've to shut up your fucking stupid mouth or I will eliminate you. You know how? Using the police and military forces of this state, my be loved Spain. Today is my birthday, I think I really don't know, I promise guys. I promise.

Let's try to understand the meaning of washing machine:

Speaking about nobility washing machine could be:

So this is a rapid analysis of the black and with market present in Catalunya a territory that is considerate one of the most rich in Spain. Full of possible tax investigations.

Speaking about Mafia, my dear Mafia fellows, do you remember how was jailed mr Al Capone? For tax evasion.

Slavery and suicide are a big market

We will analyze the radio ship in Barcelona. And we will understand how the enormous Illuminati fraud has born here. In the Catalan capital. But who is beyond this enormous fraud? Remember that those are only my suggestions, and I've got no real evidences. But for me it's clear and a serious police department could really demonstrate it. For those fraud that could be classified as nobles games in the noble network, the remote neural control facility, have died a lot of persons and many mores have lost the brain lucidity. Many, and many friends of mine have change them behavior and also others have die. Rest in peace my friends I want to demonstrate why you have lost your life. Why all the others have observed your suicide in streaming directly upon them heads without saying nothing outside this hell network. Why no one had helped you, my friends. Why all have said that this network doesn't exist. This network exist and it's only technology it's not another world. It's technology and many chiefs and theorist are our parents or our priest or worst archbishop and deans.

This is the true. They have try to kill us all with those frauds, with betting and with drugs. Divided us, break our love, put our love like a prostitute in this network. In transposition that yes it exist and it's almost identical to physic world feelings. This network is the jail of the brain. The final goal is the massive consumption of psychotropic drugs, another game. Always from the same. From the church and nobles. Psychotropic that are utilized to put the target individual in a brain wash machine reducing them from abused to abuser. Resist.

Call me sweetie, I know that for you it's another world but I send to you a lot of email. This is true and this is the real world my love. Don't be afraid no one will touch you in our house. Because my house is yours.

Who does it works? Is a fraud from the cast of power in Europe. It's a card game and the card of the game are humans. Those target individuals are played in various injected applications through the various brain areas of the victims and produce enormous amount of shadow economy.

Who are the slavers, that are entities engaged in slavery?

The enormous neural application that control slaves in Catalunya is a monster to create prostitution, drug seller and suicides. All of those crimes produce shadow economy in Bitcoins and Andorra bank accounts. It could be considered also a sieve to pass one target individual from a game to another. Simple slaves stay in the first "game", that someone call "Pokemon" and where I'm under the container number 9, after the resolution of the same that is only investigation and data recollecting, all the others activities suggested by stalkers in the subliminal messages chat service in the remote neural monitoring network are a hoax. An hoax that slowly transform the target individual mind slowly deteriorating the person, through drugs, the black market and the atrocities to which their brain is subjected for part of the electronic torture and a practically totally false world ignored in their auditory and visual cortex, a world of sexual violence in which many times they fall transforming themselves into sadists. That means crazy.

Suicide is a enormous business. Almost all those crimes has to be considered by the penal code as assassinations. Nobles and professionals that work in the remote neural monitoring facility have to be considered serial killers. Facilities that has got as profounds shadow economy based on those games have to be considered accomplices of murdered. Who doesn't speak about the remote neural monitoring network, that are presents in the neural application or have got played in the remote parimutuel betting application have to understand that the crime could be the same. The only option is to participate in the total denunciation of this system to destroy all this sea of pain and death that is tormenting our beloved Europe, the land of our children. I've got time to explain to all of them that nobles aren't untouchable. The law is the same for alls. The only difference is corruption or better saying money. If we use public justice and a very good amount of evidences it's possible to jail them for life. And this is my only goal. If some of them accept to pay me a big amount of money, I'll work to help people in this brain jail. To escape from it.

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis