Catholic church

Catholic church

This is a zoom on the left side street map of the Vatican city. There are some point of interest speaking about radio in the meaning of this technology is very important for the catholic church as we have speak about in some chapter before:

What I want to underline to you, reader? Simply, Vatican city is full of radio technology. But those are as usual my two cents.

Vatican Radio

This is the Vatican Radio principle building but the important think to notice is the antenna in the background. Is an antenna that transmit in MF wave longitude. Medium frequencies are what is used to transmit subliminal messages direct to skull like we've already studied. This antenna is exactly the same that we've reported in Palau de Plegamans in Catalunya. Those are responsible of those messages using the US patent technology. Probably the new digital system perhaps is only remote EEG better saying brain wave transmitted by ELF software defined radio.

An assembly line dedicated to degradation


In the nobility and church mafia, called techno,prominent personalities from both the church and the state have built a virtual assembly line, a mechanism obtained by a chain of repetitive events in a specific period of time in the life of a victim, who are called target individuals, to inexorably degrade the level of life of the person.


Because of various goals:

In this chain of degradation victims can loose them mental sanity or them life committing suicide or by a car or motorbike accident. These important characters, normally retired, take on the characteristics of sadism while having fun with the suffering and tears of the victims. While that their children are themselves victims of a system closely connected to pedophilia.

Names are enormous and this is the worst scandal that could be published in the open Internet.

Small, decaying noble houses connected to the drug, prostitution and pedophilia market are carrying out under the good state and church visa to commit horrible sexual crimes under the eyes of the same parents who are target individuals.

My ex girlfriend, who is a beautiful mom, is sexually over exited all the time in this network and she is forced to orgies with church-related characters to protect her daughter. A friend of mine is forced to sell cocaine equally under compulsion for his daughter. The compulsion that perpetuates these criminals with well-known surnames is related to sexual violence obtained thanks to this technology that leaves no mark on children's bodies but is absolutely the same as the physical one. Here inside the church, the state, the nobles eat the children of victims by fucking them wildly.

The names I will make in court are of the highest order.

This is a scandal. In this place parents try to eat them son. And I'm victim of.

Who are those pederast and mentally hill?

But here in this mental asylum there someone that speculate a lot. Someone that gain a lot of money. Those are people who utilize old madmen destroyed by psychotropic drugs and they rely on various factors such as the distance of a child to create a perverse mess of destruction of people. Or a whole family. These hunters analyze the victims for many years. Up to hit.

In my case two noble families have completely corrupted my parents from practically my birth to carry out the horrendous crime to which I am subjected, having created the worm of madness in my relatives.

I call him a hunter. These sectarian serial assassins seek their prey in churches and catechisms. I believe they work closely with the church, having in the madness of a mother who abandons mental lucidity as soon as she gives birth to her favorite prey.


"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis