Natal chart

The natal chart is obtained by using your exact date of birth and the geographic location. It speak about your nature and can be interpreted to understand your character.

In the subliminal message voice services in the remote neural monitoring network people speak about this, so I decide to calculate it using a web application.

In reality I don't use to study astrology but the explanation of my results are some how exact with my self. Another point of interest is understand why I'm inside this network, it seems to be that like almost all the people that I've know are inside but it is very dangerous to underline it because of technology and vocoder. Voices can be exactly thief with EEG signals transcoding but also manner of speak. Technology is very advanced.

For some reason I think that Vatican through the Jesuit order and in turn with the Genoese family and other noble families insert you with violence in this network. For some reason people are "opened", like they say in radio frequency, at a age or other.

I was inserted at 37 years old and people here say that we cannot speak about it. The thing that they underline that is a secret told me directly that is something Mafia related. But I was wrong, it's not only Mafia, but it's related to Church. The word dome [2] used by Mafia it's also present in the Catholic architecture and is the summit of a big church. Because I was inserted late in my life I have a hard time accepting that has changed. I suffered a lot of violence physical and psychological and I start to write my experience try to help the community of what is called target individuals. I fight writing.

My natal chart

Carta Astrale

This is my natal chart I was born in Genoa on Thursday 31 of March 1981 at 17 hours and 50 minutes.

Saray is Sagittarius as you can see her sign is inside my sign, Aries.

What I think about is that those nobles, with the silent agreement of the Church and the Monarchy, I underline Monarchy because I really don't think that some of the mechanism that I've seen in Barcelona would happen in a Republic, use all of this informations about the person and create a big plot where target individuals are submitted to barbarity with the only final scope to create money with the sold of personal data under extreme stress, remote parimutuel betting system, and technology development. I think that Barcelona is a stable full of unconscious human guinea pig used to obtain get these illegal profit.

Doe like girls are baits for unsuspecting fish, like me.

Returning to my natal chart to understand my very character and to try to catch Saray, because it's seem to be that I can catch her using a little bit of astronomy and geographical position, I report here the results of the calculation:

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis