Hierarchical pyramid tree

"Illuminati" is a series of interconnected pyramid structures. A series of interconnected frauds. Every structure got a number.

In Barcelona for example the structure number four is sex related, six drug related, five is property of the leader of the Italian crew, two of a woman that administrate like two thousands of girls, many reduced to heroin addiction and prostitution.

Every structure in the low level are slavery. Or forced prostitution or forced drug selling without any rewards. This for the first year for womens and two for mans. But womens always remains in the theme of prostitution, simply go ahead if they are sweetie and start to gain some money in litecoin. Every up level gain a little from the levels belows.

All of those structures are nothing more than frauds. In the lowest level many boys and girls have lost them life or lost his mental sanity. People that enter are subject to brainwash to obtain slavery and also to parimutuel betting system about suicide and all others of activities, from sex to masturbation and so on.

People in Europe in 2019 are living slavery. And this is the true.

Another particular about those pyramids is that the summit has got many clones, people that have very similar human physical appearances. Why? It's simple. Image one habitual client of drug. If he knows how "Illuminati" work just go in an appointment and another guy different every time but with similar connotation sell him drug. This is for deterring the police. So simple.

What is determine your position in the pyramid? How much money do you have. And it's all black market related. All in crypt concurrencies.

How these criminals can be detained? Very simple just take under control the various bitcoin cash dispenser in the city and follow regular customers. In this system everything is sold in litecoin; drug, prostitution, B&B apartments, some hotels like Vinccibit chain in Barcelona.

In the capital of Catalunya a lot of people that have fall in this hell network need help and police don't know exactly what is passing here. The reality is what i'm describing. The B-side network of Catalunya was sold five years ago and the city has changed a lot. Was sold to this Italian crew who's name is "Illuminati". Barcelona has lost his freedom and now is mediocre like a man from this crew tell me when i meet him. It's terrible. I don't how much deaths has cost to this city. A lot. Without any type of doubt.

This pyramid structures are organized by a paramilitary system. Boys can be ordered to kill a person of lower level. People speak about orders, like it will be in a military barracks. For this reason a lot of summit are military derived. For this reason the girl who summit all those structures, from Genoa she has my age 38 years old and she went to my primary school Emilio Vernazza from 1987 to 1992, is from a family military related.

This system was inspired by the Italian navy environment. The Francese, this is her nickname in radio frequency, is a terrorist. All Italy is folded by this pseudo dictatorship. And now also Spain.

Please help, my ex girlfriend is slaved by this system. Help me.

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis