The network illegal services

The first question that we can do when we speak about a service is who is the type of client that search for all the services that are packaged in this network? Remember that all of those utilities are illegals; some of them are possible to be classified as terrorist in my opinion.


Clients: Businessman, Politicians, Criminal organizations, Subversive groups, High-class stalkers. Type of service: probably 365 days duration with possibility of renew the contract. Price of service: unknown, but in radio frequency they speak about 3 millions Monero for year of service. Target: one or more human victims. Source of income: contract, sale of victims various type of data, plot for film and/or series productions, video on demand illegal amateur pornography, forced prostitution, human traffic.

To stalk, a verb with root in Protoindo European [1] languages, ancient Greek [2] and old Armenian [3]. Four possible meanings of this verb:

  1. To approach slowly and quietly in order not to be discovered when getting closer.
  2. To (try to) follow or contact someone constantly, often resulting in harassment.
  3. To walk slowly and cautiously; to walk in a stealthy, noiseless manner.
  4. To walk behind something, such as a screen, for the purpose of approaching game; to proceed under cover.

From this verb we can extract the noun stalking, three possibles meanings:

  1. Hunting for game by moving silently and stealthily or by waiting in ambush.
  2. The crime of following or harassing another person, causing him or her to fear death or injury.
  3. The removal of stalks from bunches of grapes prior to wine making.

We can appreciate in bold two times words with root in the verb to harass, from old French:

  1. To fatigue or to tire with repeated and exhausting efforts.
  2. To annoy endlessly or systematically; to molest.
  3. To put excessive burdens upon; to subject to anxieties.

We speak about gangstalking when we refer to the stalking of an individual by a large number of people who coordinate their stalking activities. Normally used by criminals organizations to claim a drogue debt, to induct to suicide an opposer, to annihilate a political figure, to limit a especially creative brain or to generate thousand millions euro.

Has you can see in the image on top of the paragraph I've used the Spanish name " Luz de Gas" [7] that is the translation of gaslighting that is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, gaslighting involves attempts to destabilize the victim and to invalidate the victim's belief.

From the name of "Luz de Gas", a practice that without technology was executed also by the Franco's phalanx in the Catalan Republic, we can arrive to the word of a defunct masonry which name was " illuminati" [10]. In Italy and in all over the world nowadays is utilized by a pseudo digital dictatorship that is doing terrorism in Europe. Does illuminati really exist? For sure simply search the hashtag [11] #illuminati in Twitter or in Instagram, in this one with infographics this masonry have got more than two millions of results.

But what is a pseudo dictatorship? Is a form of a state under the declared state. A B -side of the democracy where black markets, stalkings, sexual harassments, illegal control is done. Normally is regulated by a pyramid structure *[13] with * paramilitary or mercenary forces controlling the victims that fall in with a gangstalking or the workers, drug sellers or prostitute.

The gangstalking "game"

Basically gangstalking and gaslighting are based upon the systematically destruction of your past and present. Love, friendship, work, home, pets and your possessions are loose in a short period of time. I've got a personal experience about a pattern used in these tortures. We can speak about " target individuals", and i use the plural because there are always two victim, a men and his love. It's simple, the man loose all his life like I've said before and the woman like one year after start to think that world have changed and that she'll meet with this man another time after a sexual game. She thinks that this is a game, very similar to what we found in the internationals ready-made television formats . The two targets are separated and inducted to suicide with a mental destroyer situation, normally a gangstalking for him and a gang bang for her. The two in different time range, him usually one or half year before, are victims also of what is known as brainwashing. The twos in different time laps are victims of stalkers that are normally mind hackers that try to change the basics of them life. The man usually have no money, no friends and no sex. Go in major depressive disorder and typically live of what he founds on the street, so the society classify them as indigent and sick with Diogenes syndrome and compulsive hoarding. The woman is blocked in a vortex of sex and orgies thinking that she is partaking in a game, every game for the women i think that has got one year of time with the goal of four years in total. All of this is brainwashing. First of all when the two separates, that is the start of the loose of all his goods for the man, the woman is betrayed to go away from him with hoax. Next she's got a relation with a personal trainer or a figure like this to have got a perfect body in vision of the games that nothing more are than illegal pornography sold in video on demand bitcoin stores and be a victim of human trade.

What is the final objective of these machinated steps? It's simple, but when you're experiencing them if your not very clever and intelligent the twos will die committing suicide[22]. The final goal for the woman, if she doesn't kill herself, is to grew up like a sexual slave prostitute build to satisfy extreme desire for high class society individuals .

Normally the man, who has lost everything, commit suicide because see her in porn movies and images found on the web, deep web, and many others technological platform. The woman when the man loose his life understand that this was not a game and commit suicide also or terminate in heavy drug addiction like heroine or crack working like a low level prostitute.

This "game" is reality is a recurrent pattern where a love is forcedly broken and two people commit suicide. The pattern is shaped every time upon the victims using a series of variables, like in information technology are the parameters in the invocation of the program. With this crime, gangstalker can gain billions euro, alimenting terrorism in a silent mode. How is possible to gain such amount of money with this criminal pattern? It's simple, they bet on all about the life of the two target individuals, and the woman in engaged in sexual harassment , human traffic [27] and forced prostitution. They use her to do sexual favors to big drugs clients, rich casino players or so on. She doesn't gain. When she lost her naturally protection about sexual violence they sell her to ultra high class customers that simply enslave her or kill her in a ritual.

I'll explain step by step how this game with the help of a lot of technology is the real plague of our democracy, and the cause of the right turning in the Europe of the XXI single.


In the last twenty years, gangstalking has evolved and it has evolved very rapidly using IT technology and telecommunications, touching what is known as cyberstalking or cyber gangstalking. Normally in a gangstalking crew there's a lot of hackers, crackers and ham radio telecommunications experts, like satellite 33, ELF, ULF, WPT 36, HF [37], VHF and UHF.

Neuroscience is another gangstalking IT branch. With the grow up of BCI, and the fall down of the price of them with Arduino and other open hardware solutions, neuroscience is now low cost.

What in the cold war was patented by US researcher with various acronym like known also as "voice to skull" [45] or "infrasound" V2K, MKULTRA, known also as CIA mind control program, TMS, transcranial magnetic stimulation also in remote, and [49], neuro-linguistic programming (see also methods [50]) synthetic hypnosis , could be found in my personal repository NLP and it is actively used by gangstalker and hackers. Also in wikileaks we can found some information more about those technologies.

But is gangstalkers connected to the US secret services and governments? No, probably not. It's very common that they are using the public patents and leaks from Julian Assange team to improve the synthetic telepathy network, nowadays an information technology evolution of a part of the radio television broadcast system.

Telecommunications for inmates

Clients: Businessman, Politicians, Criminal organizations, Subversive groups, Extra European spies. Type of service: probably for month service like a normal provider. Price of service: unknown. Target: in reality the same contractor because all the conversations are registered! Source of income: contract, sold of all the conversations to opposites, police and governments.

Telecommunications for inmates is another service bind by the synthetic telepathy network. Radio wave at low frequency like is voice to skull obtained by the applications of the patent US5159703A (462.25 KHz) can bypass all kind of material utilized in construction. It's an analog but clientless semi secure telecommunication system.

With radio waves as you can see in the image above it's possible to obtain also remote imaging. It's from a MIT research and it's called RF Pose. But it's also possible to obtain 3D skeletons models always through walls with something called RF-Pose3D. But it's also possible to remote reading learning sleep stages from radio signals with something called RF-Sleep and at least but not last we've got EQ-Radio that is a remote emotion recognition.

Why i explain this in this section? It's obvious. Who contract this clientless service in reality he's also a victim. Because of all the technologies that i've explained above. With this awesome technology the owners of the network can know passions of the victims and seeing this in a criminal way it is possible to obtain ways to coerce victims. Reflect.

Semi physic remote desktop environment

Clients: Businessman, Politicians, Criminal organizations, Subversive groups, Audiovisual industry, Big tech firm B-Side. Type of service: probably for month service like a normal provider. Price of service: unknown. Target: in reality the same contractor because all the environment is registered! Source of income: contract, sold of all the conversations to opposites, police and governments.

With the use of brain waves joint together with voice to skull service, clients of this criminal network can work in physic remote site only with their brain. This is a very interesting technology because a person can work physically like a waiter for example and, using what we have refer in another chapter like human multi tasking, do a parallel job. This is a very productive feature but as usual if it's used by bad guys it could determine the grow up of undetectable terrorism. Why i use this important word? It's simple. Think about an hacker crew like the phenomenon that we see in Al Qaeda or other mercenary crew working for Islamic Terrorism. With this feature they can work using information technology without that any secret service or military police can detect it.

This is absolutely lawbreaker if sold to the wrong customer. Who is controlling this network? Is police able to stop the grow up of the "Illuminati" pseudo dictatorship? I cannot find information about the synthetic telepathy network and i'm a victim of. I was electronically tortured for two years and i decide to write about all what i've understood in those hell years. Someone have to stop this. Just now. I think that is responsible of the birth of the new populist movements in Europe, extreme right movements, grow up of Neo-Nazism and so on. This is not a joke.

Sexual holograms sale

Clients: Businessman, Politicians, Criminal organizations, High class society, High class ecclesiastics. Type of service: Different types, for hour like a prostitute or for month like a service. Price of service: unknown. Target: The person that is connected with the machine to the hologram. Source of income: service, contract, and informations about sexual customs of the client.

This is the cutting edge in prostitution. This is what consume high class society. With this, they can fuck, kill, eat whatever they want. And the shape is the shape of a real person.

Holography. But remember is holography without a projector. Who it is possible? Satellite. The city of Barcelona is totally covered. Genova and Milano without any doubt. In radio frequency the speak about Roma, Copenhague but is very likely that all Europe is under this kind of illegal services.

But some times it's used also by municipal administration in the A-side. Doing what? Urban projection using what is called projection mapping.

But who is behind all of this goodness? So simple the audio visual industry. But what is the real shit about all of this goodness? Food for pedophiles.

In radio frequency people speak about secret about this awesome technology. But it's not. It's only a patchwork of cutting edge universities discoveries. And someone build upon those works a digital criminal organization . Who is? A/B B/A . Remember human multitasking? Ok now you've got the reply:

So they sell you a package, an hologram with the shape of a girl. You buy it in a virtual catalog that could be consulted in deep Internet, Tor) i2p and so on. Payment is obviously in crypt concurrency, Litecoin for example. So the client is secured buy a theoretically untraceable transference. Image that every Sunday there's a forward auction in a virtual reality ambient like a living room where's people dressed with what so over shape, image something like "the presidents" in the Point Break film. Girls are presented like sexual slaves and people offerer a quantity for a type of service. Who pay the more amount of money got a immediate delivery in a geographic exact point in latitude, longitude and elevation in a physical site of the city, like in a luxury boat dock in the port or what so ever. The girl, that is treated like a videogame or a object, in reality is at her house but all her nervous system and her brain is totally connected to the hologram by the network. People that buy those services normally do extreme sexual violence, and she pass hell pains and above all in here memory the experience is true. This is human memory imprinting.

Barcelona is famous in this new era market. Barcelona actually is one of the capital of this extreme sex luxury tourist destination. From about five years, it's blowing this hell wind of changes in my favorite city. It's possible to correlate this with the advancement of the Lion club of Barcelona? But this is only my little opinion. A man that has walked 4000 km by foot in the last three years to investigate what is passing here.

But is this a secret? No! Here is some international press articles and porn movies:

Doing a rapid search on Google i've found a name of a Greek billionaire connected to holograms related business, Alki David.

Goods transport route control

Clients: Criminal organizations, Subversive groups. Type of service: Price for kilometers. Price of service: Unknown. Target: Some transports are obviously sold to the police or opposite organizations. Source of income: service, contract, and informations about quantities.

Another fantastic service from this totally criminal network. But don't be shame, it's not with video camera. It's with radio frequency. This is what i call satellite terrorism. All our streets and highways are under control with an array of radio in a satellite network. What network? It's difficult because of open hardware satellite.

This is a screenshot of the open source application Gpredict. Look at the orbits in the sky of every satellites. Yes they are moving but with the transit of one after other you can track in real time every street of Europe. If a camion with goods is traveling in the International E-road network is under constant control. But what is the goodness? Simple. If there's some roadblock in his path with this technology and the voice to skull service working on the driver the game is done. A change in his trip and there's no lost of goods. Remember that goods could be also humans.

Remote controlled lightning strike

Clients: Businessman, Politicians, Criminal organizations, Subversive groups. Type of service: Price for strike. Price of service: Unknown. Target: Opposites, politician, criminals, industry. Source of income: service, and the information about who contract it.

Perhaps this seems to be a craziness. But no, it isn't. Ok with radio frequency it's possible to electric charge a site, like a mono familiar house a car or a airplane, with protons. Because that a thunder born in the Troposphere minus charged, electrons are attracted by protons and can be tele guided.

Let's start with a reflexion about this. What can be done playing with this natural phenomenon?

Women sexual overexcitation

This flier is not about an illegal service.

Clients: Businessman, Politicians, Criminal organizations, High-class stalkers, Audiovisual industry, High class society, High level ecclesiastics. Type of service: Price for monthly service for person. Price of service: Unknown. Target: Mainly young womens. Source of income: service, and the information about who contract it.

First of all i want to transmit to all my readers that i'm absolutely not in opposite to immigration and human circulation all over the world. I'm not racist because i love freedom and i'm a democratic left side man. I love cultures from all over the world but i think that we've always to respect local traditions without fomenting political or territorial divisions and we've to search a good balance between all the cultures in a cosmopolitan city, like the city that i'm in love to, Barcelona.

What is this flier announcing BDSM from south America using digitals techniques? I will write about what is happening just now under the eyes of all the police forces and government of Barcelona.

Like i've said on chapter two, with the Machine it's possible to overload the genital system of a women, or a man, with electro magnetism over some part of our brain. And also to get feeling of physical touch in the reproducing apparatus. Now this is all ok if the "target" is consenting. Those feelings that with this technology can be like real (reaD they call in voice to skull chat) it's important to understand that can be activated by two persons with them brains at the same level of importance, in a master / slave configuration like in the real BDSM world, and also with sexual bot or applications.

What could be obtained? Extreme sexual appetite, induced prostitution, brain washing, loose of principles, climb of the threshold of sexual violence. Is this a crime ? For sure, it's sexual violence and psychological abuse.

Why the customers who pay for this service is searching for example the climb of the threshold of sexual violence? As usual is very easy to explain using only some logic, the base of the human thinking. Obviously it's to sold those victims that normally are sexy beautiful womens or athletic mans in sex parties with rich mans that consider them like objects of sexual abuse. Orgies without a decent limit. They are slaved and in this system they obtain a very little financial compensation in crypt concurrency, in totally contrast with the real gain of entrepreneurs that normally round at four digits. It's luxury extreme prostitutions that could be payed like one thousand euro for person and obviously is exploitation of prostitution493040_EN.pdf).

Now look at sexual ads in Barcelona in a web page called NuevoLoquo, this is an ads for pay not affiliated portal.

There is a lot of Catalans young girls. It's so estrange because this territory got a high PIB, 33661$ as 2017. Are those victims of digital forced prostitution? Yes, in my opinion.

Prostitution in the synthetic telepathy network is, like all the structures, a pyramid.

Barcelona has changed in the last ten years. A lot. Yes the city have been reformed and restored. Its face is clean and beautiful. But is this true? No. Someone, who is washing and cleaning B-side money from this system, yes absolutely, is doing a great job to maintain a good facade. But the old city, the heart of the Catalan capital, was and is totally sold to extra communitarian, but not only, contractors. You can't feel now the real soul and smell of the streets.

Normally we can underline this chain of sales of small businesses nowadays:

small Catalan entrepreneur -> sale in cash to Chinese people who deal with the purchase of businesses -> resale to Europeans, mainly Italians.

This is obviously the new criminal organization, the Illuminati, a fraud.

Look at the numbers of the china community in Catalunya, this study from UAB is impressive:

Hacking applied to humans

If a person resist to the fascist crime of gangstalking, namely don't fall in heroin drug abuse, don't fall in psychiatric disorders, don't fall in extreme sex disorders, etcetera etcetera could be next victim of another difficult to detect subliminal crime, but always a very big crime, that could be named as human hacking and exaggeration of social engineering), a branch of cyber security.

Remember that human hacking is accomplished by very difficult to capture criminals. Serial criminals. Persons who taste sexual pleasure seeing how they can manipulate big masses of humans doing whatever they want. Almost are extremely intelligent individuals, and probably classified by the government as mentally ill. Persons that use others like hacking tools, to hack the victim that they call case of study to expand their recurrent method, used to obtain sexual pleasure. This is my two cents, awl (the nickname of one of them).

First of all the synthetic telepathy network is abused by those kind of criminals, remember that i say abuse because though it is an illegal network it is also hacked by these figure. A strange and complex man. Yes because it is only one. But i'll not speak directly about him because he's the most special human that i find in my life. I'm studying him. He is using the owner of this facility like a virus, a worm, a girl born in Genova, Italy.

Secondly, and i say this because of the possibility to try to catch this individual, i want to remember to him that human hacking is a crime respect to human right declaration. A crime against humanity, not a game.

But what is the final goal of human hacking and in what consist these complex and very long in time attack?

The final goal is obviously the destruction of a singular, a singularity better saying. What is the total destruction? The suicide. But what happen in this wide way? Scorched earth (#882D17 or Sienna). When two singularity meet, it's like two stars collide. Results is only death. Death of whatever is in them orbit. All. Next is life. Or one of the most dangerous unknown object will born, a black hole; or if they are like black holes the results in a binary black hole system. But death is a natural process, the result in falling down a black hole is totally unknown. Some participle are ejected at furious velocities and others go in something that mankind don't know. Some speak about wormhole. A game of spacetime and speed. Multiverse.

But remember always, reader, those connections between different science branch collide into what nations call mental illness. Don't try to fuck your mind alone.

Are them actors or are them directors of an invented tragedy? I don't know, i've never try it.

Parimutuel crypt betting

"Gambling in which persons participate by the use of remote communication"

I live in Catalunya from about twelve years. A great country, great traditions and hermetic people live here. People that have fight a lot in the last century with the fascist dictatorship guided by Francisco Franco. People that have died in the Spanish civil war. Republicans). And after the civil war people that have been persecuted by Franco using what we've called as gaslighting .

The persecution against one; something that I'm living from about four years. Franco use voice to skull radio technology in MF and mast radiators like we've described in chapter two. Franco use the national provider RNE to mask this criminal emissions. Look at this mast radiator in Palau-solita i Plegamans in Catalunya.

Almost every old person that live in Catalunya can listen to voice to skull emission. They have been tortured by the dictator. The "Illuminati" pseudo dictatorship use the same technology but done with SDR radio devices. Open source and open hardware, very dangerous because of low cost. "Illuminati" also have expanded this with what i call remote BRAINnet to create slaves like we've just explained.

But what is the connection between "Illuminati", that are been created ten years ago in Genoa Italy, and Catalunya fascist voice to skull technology?

This is not so simple to explain but i can argue that five years ago in Catalunya there was a radical change. Now all the B-side of Barcelona is guided by the "Illuminati" hierarchical pyramid tree. Why? In Catalunya there's a silent way to gain millions of Euro, an underground economy to which only wealthy Catalans have access, something handed down according to blood lineage. Something that I'm victim of:

Bets on everything related to a person's personal life. Suicide bets.

Something that generate billions, something that is administrated by the Catalan tax haven, Andorra. Something that until the advent of the "Illuminati" was managed by hand, but with BRAINnet it is totally automatic. It's an expansion of the tax heaven in the European state, Spain. A fraud. A fiscal fraud. And obviously something that is done also in Genoa using the other fiscal haven, the Principality of Monaco.

Who fall in this bet vortex? Someone, like me, that have something special, a singularity. Someone that pass a complex check list to be classified as a special case . Or someone that is a potential political opponent of both the state and the church, also like me. Or someone that was a good entrepreneur, also like me.

Joseph Oller, a Catalan born in 1839, was the inventor of the parimutuel betting system. And in this network the service of parimutuel betting is done in remote. And this is the real cause of all the others services . A billions black market, now bitcoin based, but not only. The worst thing is that if your quota pass a certain gain level in this game play noble families and dynasty. But there's also another big crime, all the people that are forced to join the synthetic telepathy network are subdued to bets. The important thing is not to exceed the quota, which I did however since I did not accept working as a drug dealer for this pyramid of organized digital crime.

Where does people could bet on this human black market? In the normal sports betting there is a double key of lecture. But also there's the crypt betting market:

In those circuit and also off line this occult world those type of bets and all the life of the target individuals are played in low class games. Like the ones that we find in app stores.

So here you are the explanation on why there's this fascist persecution of all the society against a single, betting, money.

Parimutuel betting are a dangerous form of betting when we speak about large amount of money. Because people have to pay before of the deadline, in this case probably in a crypt concurrency bank account. So if you pass the infamous quota dangerous people have already payed and no one can withdraw the bet, it is the cat that bites its tail. If we speak about bet about humans you can understand that this method is the most dangerous one for the life of the victim, like I'm. The bank account it's obvious property of the bookmaker, in this case they are the owners of the network.

Why i said that all the peoples that enter in the "Illuminati" hierarchy tree are subject to parimutuel betting? Because every years there is gambling on who do more invoice selling goods, black market, legal market and so on. Like in a greyhound racing. But here you will die if you arrive further down the place number thirteen. And obviously there is also, probably with another method, a bet in your life using normal concurrency.

Fiscals paradises bank proxy and load balancing.

Web API are services binded to customers by various type of facilities that have a showcase in Internet. Facebook, Google, Amazon for example got this service open behind subscription.

Also bank got API, and if you have got an online store you can also configure payment using these feature.

So if normal bank got also fiscal paradise banks got one. Normal people that has got accounts and correct connection with these bankers got access to them.

In the "illuminati" facility not all is above radio frequency and them ad hoc network stack. I've observed in those years mobiles smart phones from people that belongs to the organization chart. They all have got access using point to point tunneling protocol weak virtual private network.

First of all this is a clear weak point in the security of this network. An hacker could simply obtain access to one of them mobiles and enter in the facility without any problem, so in reality they aren't very clever at all .

A virtual private network consist in a tunnel in a public network like Internet to a private local area network, the weak point here is that the protocol utilized to encapsulate the traffic is not secure at all. But this another chapter where i will describe who i break this shit network.

So what they call techno, my dear fellows and followers and you know what I mean, it's not secure at all.

Speaking about API they have build a income load balancer divided in various fiscal heaves bank account. Because of the nature of this network namely that victims conscious or not are human video camera our personal national identification are probably been stolen. It's an identity theft fraud at large scale. Perhaps using her contact, the stupid little purple bitch Francesca the owner, has opened thousand of bank account in fiscal heaves.

This is why i denunciate that someone, one of the stalkers of the network, has stole my passport and Spanish national id card.

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis