An articulated plot

A labyrinth

What I've lived from November 2017 is without any doubt the systematically destruction of my life. It was certainly designed by an engineer, and my father is. But here there is also an engineer, theoretically a good friend, who also works for the Italian navy. The French noble family who currently lives in Genoa is absolutely closely connected with this part of the Italian army having in his grandfather a hero of the Second World War, although certainly a fascist.

This plot has a tremendous recovery of funds both in the black market, as a source of inspiration in the world of great cinema, as a material for lower-level audiovisuals, as well as in the world of betting and pornography, as well as in the big technologies. So that is a plan or better said a completely self-sufficient although totally illegal business process. But where public figures take part who should not be involved in illegality. There is certainly talk of billions of positives. A flood of submerged markets ready to be reported to the European tax police.

Economia sommersa in Italian.

The good part is that like there is in this virtual radio chat room and co working ambient a lot of public figures, if the victims, that I'm and also my ex girlfriend is, speak in public and denunciate this enormous black market machine them lives are not in danger.

Possibly I'm saving your life my love. Don't be afraid sweetie.

Remember that they are engineer, theoretically everything should have been foreseen, and my father is an engineer who in his life has traveled all over the world and visited important international clients on behalf of three large companies:

So that a possibility even if remote once entered this terrible machine is the fact of being subjected to a kind of sieve. But a sieve that once chosen the public road could cost a life. It's like a terrible human resource management system.

The beginning of the landslide start in a Ikea store in Hospitalet de Llobregat in 2015.

My mother start to speak with the chief the workers of my old firm, Miguel. My mother is person very shy and only in this occasion start to speak very fondly with him and this attitude hit me. It was very strange. A couple of months later the systematic destruction of my life start.

After being activated in the Spanish neural network I fall into the remote parimutuel betting system where nobles and all the people that I've known in my life start to bet over my life. Me and Saray was previously have been separated and our history is that I've traveled more than three thousand kilometers in Barcelona looking for it since continually through the machine and various pornography on the Internet it was sexually raped before my eyes or better said to my brain, my visual and auditive cortex. My history is a martyrdom of a desperate man looking for his woman. For her a continuous sexual violence. I sexless she overdosed on sex. The ultimate goal of this betting system is without a doubt the suicide of both. Suicide on which there is certainly a bet of a very high value.

We are victims of a game of nobility with the ultimate goal of suicide. Here nobility and church play. It is an unprecedented European scandal.

The most horrible thing is that even our families play in this horrible depravity circus where unfortunately his daughter is also present.

Please help king of Spain. Help Felipe VI de España.

The betting real purposes

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis