The systematic destruction of my life


I start living in Spain in 2007. Italy start to decline in 2001 with the second electoral victory of the right wing coalition house of freedom summit by Silvio Berlusconi. So i decide to go out of my country.

In Spain from 2008 i start working in a service to customer department of a local telecommunication equipment provider, it name was 34Telecom. Next i build a wireless network composed by 3500 nodes, it name is Meswifi. But i lost it. Why? That is one of the reasons why I'm under remote neural control.

And I will public explain it without any problems because of this I've lost also the love of my life.

Those was my possessions that I've lost in this systematic destruction plot by some high end users of the worldwide remote neural control network. Some high end Spanish users and a girl from Genoa that pertain to the Lion club and probably to the masonic Gran Lògia de Catalunya. For this plot my ex girlfriend, the women that I'm in love to, is victim of sexual harassment and probably her baby also. But she doesn't call me, we speak in this hell network and she was bound to induct to me to suicide acting in a fascist theater called "luz de gas" like I've already write.

Saray need help, please it is urgent.

More than this I've suffered:


About the forced detention and medical abuses

First of all I want to underline that I'm a human traffic victim. European human trade. Next that I've done complain about in two forms, one doing a claim to the hospital the second doing a complain. The claim was answered attaching drug abuse but is totally, and I repeat totally, false. The second was rejected by the court.

This is what occurred:

In May 2018 I called the medical emergency system to be attended by an ambulance, the state in which I was was a general malaise due to fatigue and heat. In the ambulance, the treatment was reasonable and the two nurses, a woman and a man, controlled my basic values and took me to the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona. Here they take me to the second floor, better saying as level number 3 of the official Spanish system of triage. Here i' ve suffered various abuse in a rapid escalation:
they held me with mechanical and pharmacological retention systems for 12 hours. When it was time to mechanically stop me, the staff, one nurse in particular, were very violent, dislocating my shoulder and bending my wrist where I have needles due to a surgical operation. I had no urine or faeces drainage systems applied and I had to hold my urine for twelve hours. After six hours, I was injected with a second dose of the drug retention system. The next day I was moved without my consent to a psychiatric hospital always mechanically detained. In the psychiatric hospital, Moises Broggi hospital of San Joan Despí, a kind of judge obliges me to receive treatment without being able to leave the hospital precinct. I was not expected by any lawyer. After a week, where every day they wanted to administer medicine that I skilfully did not ingest, I left due to a permit of release. Inside the hospital he also suffered an intent to rape another patient, which did not evolve into anything particularly serious. The main problem is that in hindsight I discovered that I have been a victim of human trafficking since adolescence. Various Italian, Catalan and Spanish mafias are involved in the trafficking, as well as a Spanish paramilitary operating on Catalan soil together with a trafficking group. Behind a noble Genoese family, the city in which I was born. Everything that happened to me corresponds exactly to the execution of a program of human trade.

Final considerations

But the worst think is that the women that was in love to is also victim of human trade, sold in forced prostitution after be victim of a very heavy brainwashing technique and sadomasochist sexual slavery.

ti amo

My history is similar to what is explained here:

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis