Victim of a sect created by nobles military

A sect suicide

I'm victim of a sect created by two big nobles families who have two representatives in the military world.

Those two families are described here, also my ex girlfriend is a victim of this sect and I public write it because of corruption and because I want to help her.

It has as final goal the creation of an army of stalkers that do brain washing to new victims, low class drug sellers and obligated prostitutes. It makes suicide a market. It is strictly connected to high tech companies that develop upon unconscious human guinea pigs, victims or baggers. It's up and running just now in Catalunya. It's an international scandal. But it is also active in Italy. All is strictly connected to black market and shadow economy.

This sect based in Barcelona is organized by a man that deals with the black economy and the black market of a big noble family. He also could be a victim of slavery in his turn but it is only a supposition. This sect holds has his goal the insert in the B-side of nobility, that is nothing more than slavery. Slavery obtained nowadays using the remote neural monitoring network. This slavery is a chain of decay because of its purposes that is suicide business. Behind work as shareholders nobles and got has principle client big technology facilities that develop above human guinea pigs.

This sect is what conduct victims in the target individual program. An international crime against humanity that is like a concentration camp and a genocide kept silent by European states.

The two nobles houses are the owner of this sect and for what I absolutely confirm work in Catalunya and Liguria but probably in all Europe. This sect produce the base of an incredible vast shadow economy that is the base of all of them companies:

This sect obliges victims to work in the shadow economy with electronic harassment. Black markets:

This sect is a department of those two noble houses and is the digital mafia of Barcelona. An hidden but not unknown monster.

I speak about military because the technological infrastructure last mile is extreme low frequencies and the wireless brain machine interface, technology used by military forces. What it means? That those two families got without any doubt some component that have done a military career and they use them access to this military structure, that in Barcelona is mounted in the Collserola tower, to create all the system used in the target individual program. This slavery program pertains above to a network of networks that ends in data centers where high technology is develop and human kind is controlled, like ECHELON.

This sect has attracted me in an underground local using a friend of mine. Those people never do think in first person but utilize always a chain of contacts to induct people to a certain behavior. In this mode of actuation is very difficult to detect them and conduct a correct investigation against the real perpetrators behind who you meet. Behind are nobles that utilize others target individuals that have passed a brain washing phase and fall into esoteric masonic rituals. The local is situated in the discrict of Poblenou in Barcelona, nou in the Catalan language means nine, number 9 that is exactly my identification in this network. Nine is a number connected to esoteric because in radio the nobles use to speak about the "not" that is the contrary. 6 is the number of the devil. This sect is what nobles and church use to attract victim because of them comportment and phenotypic traits. In reality those people in radio try to convince you that you're someone that you're not. They speak about bloodlines. This is all false. They use mind games to induct you to think that you can commits criminal acts, that you can play with nobility and crown in the B-side world. In the black market.

The only reality is that they have put you in a suicide game called blue whale, in my case because of the color of my eyes, when the only true is that you're a human guinea pig used in to develop software in the data center where they use ultra high tech hardware like IBM Q-wave system.

They pay all the people that you know to do stalk to you in the remote neural monitoring network in the virtual casino neural application where all of them play betting about your life. They use citizens to comment about you and to stalk you obviously paying in bitcoin cash account connected to the neural identification in the brain machine interface network in Collserola tower.

The reality is that all Catalunya is connected to this network, Catalunya in reality isn't a democracy. The pseudo dictature is not pseudo. Catalunya is a dictature. All is corrupted by those two noble families.

All Catalunya big facilities gain money in this human guinea pig development park and womans are used in suicide business and gain money to fuck and have sex with normally small business owners normally foreigners. People that have created place of work for Spanish or Catalan people are inserted in the suicide business and in slavery by a corrupted state. Catalunya.

Catalunya and probably all Spain state have to absolutely investigated by Interpol and Europol police forces because of this system. I think that gang stalking have born here and after have been imported to united states. In united states I don't really know how many people have died. Here suicide kill more than ten thousand persons for year and I don't really know how many have fall into heroin addiction. In Catalunya absolutely all is controlled by this pseudo dictatorship called "Illuminati".

Point of presences of the Catalan sect

GORG Sect Poblenou
"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis